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Conception - What do you think that why ours is different?

1. Only 1 km distance from the central of Kecskemét

Livable working environment or easy access? take both! in the city of Kecskemét, in the Thököly street 14, nearby the Erzsebet avenue, just a jump from the central of the city, but even in the green you can find the answer: our property, just 40 km from the Capital, Budapest.

2. Useful multifunctionity

Why shall it be dispersed if it could be in all as well? The 13 separated building parts have its own meeting room, show room, office, waterblock, storage room and parking lot.

3. Everyone can find the perfect fitting room for his/her needs

Our offert is specialised for micro- and medium business. For your office and storage room with the perfect capacity and size (92-222 m2) at a high and ideal quality. Storage rooms on small area but with a huge internal hight, you can execute your logistics really cost effective by using the appropriate storage shelves system. it has been developed with industrial floor with load capacity.

4. Total independence

Every estate equipped with its own measure system for heating, electricity and water which means the invoice will be calculated upon consumption. Set up of alarm and air condotion system is prebuild and prepared.

5. Correct prices

24-hours video recording system

Night guard!

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The tenants started to move in May, 2009. If you would like to be 1 of them, we are ready to personalise your contract.